At X10 Archery, we do what you do in your pro-shop. We sell bows and arrows, setup equipment, and shoot the breeze with the customers (they're actually family to us). But, we offer so much more. 

When you have a program that allows your archers to grow and succeed, you have the foundation to just keep growing.

Our services, skill sets, and atmosphere are what keeps people coming back, become better archers, and ultimately helps us keep the doors open in a world where bow hunting is in decline. But it's more than that. It's a people thing. 

Create a successful program in your store, that will increase revenue, without the need for additional product inventory.

Lynda presented a seminar on "Building a Successful Archery Learning Academy" at the 2018 ATA Show.

Pro-Shop Program Consultancy
Many archery pro-shops have the desire to start their own competitive program to bring in more archers, which is a great way to increase revenue and better serve the needs of your customer base.

Lynda LeCompte has established two JOAD clubs and, along with her solid team of instructors and coaches, currently runs the largest archery learning academy in Texas, with multiple state and national podium wins from X10 Academy. An organized, well-structured club, with access to resources, is the key to a successful program.

Learn how to create, manage and grow a successful program in your store. We want you to succeed, as we grow the sport of archery together.

Consultancy Includes:

  • 45-minute telephone conference During this call, the circumstances and needs are detailed. After which, you will receive a detailed email casting the vision, with steps on how to achieve it.

  • Unlimited emails for one month

  • Guidelines on offering lessons

  • Guidelines on managing an instructor pool

  • Guidelines on rental equipment and walk-ins

  • Guidelines on hosting seminars

  • Form Templates

  • Product checklist

  • Marketing checklist

  • One-Time Fee: $995

  • ($795 with certification class)

Email to get started on your path to pro-shop success.

Certify Your Team to Teach Archery 
You want to start a club, be it JOAD or some other type of development or competitive program, and you know archery. Getting the credentials of being a certified instructor or coach will bring much more credibility to your program, and, you will learn more about the target side of archery.

Sometimes it's just not feasible to have your whole team travel at the same time, and the travel costs soon add up.  

We will travel to your location to train your team. 

Host Responsibility
  • Indoor archery range and/or classroom
  • Projector and screen or large monitor
  • Minimum 3 training recurve bows & arrows
  • Range or portable target and safety net 
  • Level 1: $1,150
    1 day course. Up to 6 attendees. Add $150 per additional.
  • Level 2: $1,750
    2 day course. Up to 6 attendees. Add $250 per additional.
  • Level 3: $2,350
    3 day course. Up to 6 attendees. Add $350 per additional.
  • Plus travel & lodging

    * Requirements for Level 2/3 certification
Trainer Responsibility
  • A class tailored to your needs
  • USA Archery certification materials
  • Discounted pro-shop program consultancy

Necessity is the mother of invention.
 Desire will fuel your intention. 
Necessity and Desire will fuel your fire,
 and the Results will get your attention.

~ Lynda LeCompte