Range Fees
  • Lane Rental
  • Equipment Rental
    Use of bow, 5 x arrows, arm guard and finger tab.
  • New Archer Orientation
    10 min safety briefing and basics of shooting.
    Mandatory for newbies*.
    Minimum age 12 years old.

    New Archer Orientations are for all new archers. It is not a lesson. It is a short tutorial with a USA Archery certified instructor or coach who teaches safety, the basic steps of shooting, and how to shoot safely with other people in an archery range. 

We put safety first and want our new and existing patrons to always have a good experience at X10 Archery. With this in mind, the New Archer Orientation is required for all new archers - no exceptions

Please turn cell phones to silent or vibrate and do not use it while on the range.

First Time?


Please call 281.888.5900 for archers younger than 7 years old

Things to know: All archers will be asked to sign a waiver, which will be kept on file for a year. *A new waiver and orientation will be required if the last attendance was longer than a year. Walk-in lessons are not available. One lane per person. No pets allowed except service animals, giant pandas, Tucker, and Archer. No food in the range. Feel free to eat in the waiting or bow tech areas. Feel free to bring us snacks. Please do not come behind the counters. Yes, we've seen the Lars Anderson videos. No, you cannot shoot two arrows at once. No crossbows. No broadheads. Read this. Hang around long enough and you might get a nickname. Thanks for playing! ~ Coach Lynda.