X10 Archery League

The X10 League is to encourage all shooters to grow and improve their archery skills. Since we have a strong focus in target archery, we want our league night to reflect this. We will be shooting the World Archery and NFAA rules with a bit of a twist.

This, ladies and gents, is a free for all!!! Males and Females going head to head. 

The winner of each division will receive a CASH PRIZE and X10 Dollars*!

We will have 2 x 6 week leagues.  Double your odds! HERE'S THE TWIST!!!  We will only be keeping 3 scores!!!! So you have 6 times to try and score higher and higher! But there’s a kick to this! We will have an X-count Handicap!!!! How does that work? We'll explain after the first shoot. ;)

Our first 6 weeks will be on a WA target face (the colorful ones). Our second 6 weeks will be on NFAA faces!!! Talk about DIVERSIFYING!!!! 

We encourage all disciplines to come hang out and shoot…

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

~ Aaron Christmas

*X10 Dollars equates to a value that can be used in store for product or services.

We will have the following divisions:

  • Adult Compound

  • Adult Olympic Recurve

  • Adult Barebow

  • Youth Compound

  • Youth Olympic Recurve

  • Youth Barebow

OR: Cadet, Junior, Senior - 40cm
OR: Cub, Bowman - 60cm
BB: Cadet, Junior, Senior - 40cm
BB: Cub, Bowman - 60cm
C: Cadet, Junior, Senior - 40cm
C: Cub, Bowman - 40cm
Choose from the two League Series events, or register for both.

Thursdays, July 21st - August 25th (NFAA faces and rules)
First whistle: 6:00pm

$60 per series

* Winnings are dependent on registrations. 
Highest possible winnings are $75 cash & $50 X10 credit per division.
A lower than expected turnout will result in a lower payout.