The 3rd X10 Indoor Classic & JOAD Cup, 2019

A USA Archery Sanctioned, Star FITA Event




X10 Academy

X10 Academy
1,624 points

1,514 scored
+ 110 archer bonus

Greater Pearland Archery Club
1,029 points
929 scored
+ 100 archer bonus

Logos Prep Archery Club
768 points
738 scored
+ 30 archer bonus


X10 Academy


X10 Academy

How does a JOAD club win the 

X10 Archery JOAD Cup? 

The aggregate score of the top compound, recurve and barebow JOAD archers, shooting at 18m, will determine the winning club.

Age divisions are not considered for the aggregate score.

At least one of the three archers has to be a female. 

All three can be female but all three can't be male. 

Each eligible team will be awarded another 10 points for each additional archer from the club that participates in the JOAD round. 

Awards also given for individual adult and JOAD champions.

Our goal is to develop relationships between JOAD clubs, foster friendly competition and HAVE FUN!! 

Encourage your fellow club archers to participate, to increase your chances of winning.

Well done to all archers who participated. Thank you to Woodlands JOAD, Greater Pearland Archery Club, Logos Prep Archery Club for participating in the second X10 Indoor Classic and JOAD cup.

Indoor Classic & JOAD Cup Scores