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JOAD / AAP Email: 07/12/17

posted Jul 12, 2017, 5:25 PM by Lynda LeCompte

Dear (archer),

As most of you know, we have been working on refurbishing the targets, and wanted to express appreciation to the hardworking individuals who volunteered their time to help with this project - thank you!  One person in particular, Joe Cashuric, was much of the brains and brawn behind the project, giving much of his time. For that, we are so grateful. 

Target refurbishments are an ongoing, expensive endeavor. Especially as the Academy has grown so much, with full JOAD lines, and many members practicing for hours every day. With this in mind, we are making a few adjustments, as follows, to protect our archer's arrows from damage, and prolong the life of the targets. 

  • 40lb+ bows should shoot a 3/5 spot target. 
  • For 5+ arrows, put up an additional target face below. 
  • Put up multiple dots for your arrows. Multiple groups at a single dot wears the targets very quickly.
  • Move target every 30 arrows or hour. 
  • Blank baling is just fine, as long as you're not focused on the same spot every time.
  • Please remove targets and dots when you are done shooting.
  • Used targets for practice. New targets for score only. 

We don't want to restrict people's ability to practice effectively. We do want to make smart use of our resources. 

The next projects are LED lighting on the range, and repair the flooring. We will have a great indoor season!

Thank you for helping us be good stewards, so we are able to provide a great facility for our Academy. 


Lynda LeCompte, Owner
USA Archery Level 4 NTS Coach