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Academy Email 12/2/16: Aggie, Shirts and JOAD / AAP

posted Feb 17, 2017, 7:25 AM by Lynda LeCompte   [ updated Feb 17, 2017, 7:27 AM ]

For those going to the Aggie Invitational, just a reminder that USA Archery dress code will be in effect. This means no denim or camo. Khakis or sports pants will be just fine. Girls pants, shorts or skirts must be longer than finger tips when held at the side. A new rule is that yoga pants can only be worn if you have a skirt or skort over the top. No spagetti straps on shirts.

Have fun at the Aggie and don't forget to get in on a team pic! I'm sad that I will not be there, but many X10 team members will be there to support the team. Post, email or text pics if you can. My cell is 281.795.6556. The most important part, if you're going to the Aggie is... HAVE FUN!

The shirts have arrived! If you have not picked yours up yet and we know you are going to the Aggie Invitational, an X10 team member will take it to the shoot and find you.

There will not be a JOAD / AAP class in the morning as many will be at the Aggie shoot. We will open at noon.

Best regards,
Coach Lynda