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Academy Email: 07/26/17

posted Jul 26, 2017, 6:38 AM by Lynda LeCompte

Dear [archer],

Who is done with this heat?
With the USA Archery Outdoor National Championship right around the corner, thus marks the imminent end of official outdoor season. With that said, a very busy indoor season will be upon us, as will our HOT 'n' Cold series for those who enjoy shooting outdoors... in the cooler weather!

Indoor JOAD / AAP Kick Off, X10 Archery
Saturday, September 2nd, 10:00am.
Thursday nights, 6:00 pm, will continue.
One class, two lines, if needed.

TOTS Championship, Victoria TX
Saturday, August 19th, 10:00 am or 6:00pm
Registration opens August 5th

HOT 'n' Cold, Buffalo Field Archery Club
Second Sunday of the month, October through March.
Registration not open yet.

SYWAT, X10 Archery location
November 4-5th, January 27-28
Registration Open

With staff vacations and other events, this Saturday, July 29th will be the last outdoor JOAD of the season for X10 Archery. Don't forget that you can still practice at Buffalo, as a non-member, between 8:00 am and noon. Be sure to take advantage of that opportunity!

That's it. Happy Hump Day. :D

~ Coach Lynda