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2/18/17: Coach John brief after Vegas

posted Feb 19, 2017, 3:37 PM by Lynda LeCompte
During JOAD / AAP, Coach John did a Q&A and shared some insights from his time at the Vegas shoot as team coach, instead of being a competitor. 

Interviewer: How was Vegas different from any other tournament you have attended?
John: It was much bigger, with over 3,600 archers, their coaches, families and everyone else. It can be overwhelming.

Interviewer: You are normally at a tournament to compete. This time you were there as team coach. Is there anything you observed from this different perspective that you would want to share with other competitiors?
John: Yes!! Line etiquette. The shooting line was very tight at Vegas. You might think the line is tight at X10, but it was much tighter in Vegas. I witnessed several archers being hit by another archer's bow, causing them to either miss or have a bad shot. You have to be very mindful about your surroundings and managing your little bit of space on the line, for your own and other's benefit.   

Interviewer: Vegas is not a cheap tournament, with travel, hotels, and entry fees, which applies to all tournaments. For aspiring archer athletes, do you think that it's important to plan ahead and include this budget in the training plan?
John: Yes!! You have to be prepared for what it will cost and plan accordingly. Also, remember to have cash with you at any tournament. There have been times in my younger past where I was at a tournament and had forgotten to being cash with me, and therefore was not able to buy anything to eat. This will really impact your game if you're hungry! But yes, it is important to be aware of the costs involved in tournaments and talk to your coach about including this in your training planning.

Interviewer: "This is a really important question... How was the food?" 
John: Well, there is a lot to choose from and most of it was junk. It is really important to eat what you would normally eat when you're at home and going through your training regimen. If you're at a tournament and start eating new or different foods, it will impact your body and, quite possibly, your game. Try not to get too adventurous!

Interviewer: Did you see anyone famous?
John: Yes!! All of the top names were walking around, and it's great that these archers are so friendly and approachable. Brady Ellison was walking around high-fiving people and having a good time talking to everyone. 

Thank you to Coach John for sharing his experience with our JOAD / AAP group. It is very insightful.