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2/17/17: JOAD / AAP this week.

posted Feb 17, 2017, 8:06 AM by Lynda LeCompte
At last night's Thursday JOAD class, Russel Raff shared with the class his experiences and pictures from the Vegas shoot, as a barebow shooter. Russell explained how the event was overwhelming, yet exciting at the same time, which makes you feel like you need to keep practicing. He explained the importance of having a practice strategy while at Vegas, because there are so many archers (3,000+) clamoring to get into the practice halls. One hall only allowed a practice time of five ends! Before this Vegas shoot, Jennifer Schneider had previously shared her experiences regarding preparation and execution at the venue. Russell said that was very helpful to have that information in advance. We will be sure to do a similiar briefing prior and after next year's Vegas shoot.

In this Saturday's JOAD class (2/18), we will hear from John Williams on his perspective of the Vegas shoot in his role as X10 team coach. There will also be a time of skills development with Coach John and Coach Lynda.