HOT 'n' Cold Series 2017-2018
"Houston Outdoor Target, in the Cold" Series

Sunday Dates
October 22nd, November 19th, December 10th,
January 7th (moved from 21st), February 11th, March 11th
First whistle at 9:00 am
Proceeds split between Buffalo Field Archery Club and X10 JOAD / AAP Academy

HOT 'n' Cold was originally designed by an archer who could not stand to shoot outdoors in the Texas heat during the summer. Shooting through the cooler months was much more appealing and enjoyable. The series became a hit and we are now in our 3rd year of HnC!

This is the first year that the series has been advertised outside of the Houston community, and to accommodate the archers, we will be running two lines this series. This means that the shoot will go into the early afternoon, so be sure to bring snacks and drinks!

How does it work?
Shoot 6 ends of 6 arrows at two distances for a total of 72 arrows. Farthest distance is on a 122cm face. Closest is on an 80cm. You get to choose your distances! Then, your score is multiplied by the first number of your distance. This encourages archers to try the longer distances, but also allows newer archers to start at a more comfortable level. 

*Dates subject to change.