What Is the X10 Academy Archer Success Program?

The program is designed to include all aspects of a developing athlete into one easy to manage bundle. This includes lessons, range access, product discount, access to group lessons, seminars, JOAD/AAP, training plans. It is a structure designed to create winners.  

What is the monthly retainer?

The monthly retainer fee is a fixed monthly rate that includes everything you need, instead of separate transactions for memberships, lessons, and classes.

Why is there a quarterly commitment to the retainer?

Two quarters cover indoor season and two cover outdoor. A quarterly commitment will encourage our athletes to stay the course. It can be easy to become discouraged if you don't see immediate improvement. There is far more to archery than just winning. We desire for our students to learn how to recognize their own development needs and be excited at the potential outcome. A longer-term commitment will increase these odds dramatically!

What if I don't want to use PayPal for the subscription?

It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to pay for any of our services. You can sign up for a subscription with any debit or credit card. Or you can pay in-store. In-store payments will require payment in full for the quarter or the remainder of it, depending on when you sign up.

Can I keep my current membership?


Can I still get a discount on blocks of lessons?

Yes. With an X10 Academy membership subscription, you can still receive 10% off a block of 4 lessons.

What if I need more lessons than is included in the success program?

You can book additional lessons, in-store, with 10% discount.

Why are the lessons and membership options changing?

Essentially, to provide an easy solution for our athlete's development needs. Also, with our growing Academy, it is becoming harder to keep track of multiple transactions, and manually booked ad-hoc lessons. The new system will keep recurring lessons in the system, and one-off lessons will be booked online, thus, less need for schedule management.

Can the retainer plan cover more than one archer? 

Yes. We can create custom plans to suit various needs. If there is more than one archer, or you have different coaches for your different students or any other variation, talk to us about a plan to suit you. We will create a plan and keep a card on our secure e-file for a recurring subscription.