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NTS Clinics

NTS Clinics are designed to teach or refresh instructors and coaches on USA Archery's National Training System.

Lessons taught at X10 Academy follow the NTS structure, unless the student is shooting a traditional or compound style where the NTS structure is not essential. 

Our instructors and coaches receive ongoing training to ensure that the correct method is being taught to students.

Unless otherwise noted, all NTS clinics are taught by X10 Archery owner, Level 3 NTS Coach, Lynda LeCompte.

Registration will be available here when clinics are scheduled. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a clinic for your team.

The Shot Cycle - NTS Steps

The NTS (National Training System) steps as defined by Kisik Lee, the National Head Coach of the US Olympic Archery Training Program.
  1. Stance
  2. Nock the arrow
  3. Hook and grip (string and bow grip)
  4. Set position and mindset
  5. Setup
  6. Draw
  7. Load
  8. Anchor
  9. Transfer
  10. Hold
  11. Aim / Expand
  12. Release and follow through
  13. Feedback and evaluation