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X10 Archery Academy Lesson Policy

Instructor / Coach Expectation

We know the importance of seeing a return on your investment, and as competitors ourselves, we understand that results are often the “proof of the pudding”.  Our goal is to help your student reach their potential. We structure our lessons to suit the individual needs, and we believe in goal setting. Each student’s goals are different, that is why we offer a variety of group classes and private instruction to suit the individual. All classes are an hour in duration, which includes 45 minutes with the instructor / coach, and 15 minutes additional time to implement and reinforce skills.

Our promise to students is to help you:

  • Set goals that motivate

  • Reach your goals in a challenging but reasonable timeframe

  • Improve quickly and to understand archery

  • Learn to compete and practice with other archers

  • Have fun!

Student Expectation

In order for students to see a valuable return on their investment, students are expected to:

  • Communicate your ambitions and desires that can be turned into goals.

  • Commit to carry out homework and practice as assigned by your instructor or coach.

  • Commit to complete your journal on a regular basis.

  • Let us know if we are not ‘reaching’ you, what is working, and what is not working.

  • Contact your instructor if you will be missing class.

Parent Expectation

  • Stay involved in our student’s development throughout the week.

  • Hold students accountable for their homework / practice.

  • Communicate unspoken needs of the students to the instructor / coach.

  • Handle payments promptly.


  • All payments can be paid in-store or online.

  • Payment is due prior to each class.

Missing Classes

If a student must miss a lesson, please inform X10 Archery ASAP.

  • Missing group classes: It is impossible to make up a lesson, however some alternate groups may be available throughout the week as a make-up option with advanced 24 hour notice.

  • Missing private classes: 24 hours notice is required for a schedule change. You will have 4 weeks to reschedule a missed lesson.

Lesson Frequency

We do not expect you to commit to weekly classes, month after month. We do, however, expect you to understand that an archer will not reach their potential without the time investment. With this in mind, we offer a discount when a package of four lessons are purchased to encourage frequency in lessons and promote accelerated learning. These four lessons must be used within a two month time-frame.

We consider those who are not taking lessons and / or attending JOAD / AAP to be recreational archers. This suits some people. For the competitive archer who expects to see an improvement in their skills and scores, lessons are your friend!

X10 Archery and USA Archery Membership

Students are not required to be members of X10 Archery or USA Archery to participate in lessons. If students come to practice, a range fee will be due. Membership is an option that provides VIP access to the range, plus access to JOAD and AAP at no additional cost. Students who join the JOAD / AAP program must be X10 Archery and USA Archery members.

Age Policy

Students under 8 years old must first take a private lesson to be evaluated for suitability for the X10 Archery Academy program. Parents of students under 8 years old are expected to stay on the premises for the duration of the lesson. Parents of students over 8 years old are welcome to stay on the premises for the duration of lessons, but must stay in the waiting area so as not to cause distraction.

Cell Phones

Cell phones must be on silent or vibrate during lessons and must not be used on the range unless in an emergency.

Acknowledgement of Lesson Policy

Payment of instruction confirms acknowledgement of lesson policies. No signature necessary.