The JOAD / AAP program at X10 Archery is called X10 Archery Academy. It is designed to provide archers the opportunity to develop their skills, achieve awards, and strive toward participating in competition at local, state and national levels.
Indoor JOAD / AAP runs from September through April. Outdoor JOAD / AAP runs from May through July. We take a break during the heat of August. 

To participate in X10 Academy JOAD / AAP, archers should have an X10 Archery membership, which also provides access to the range at all times. To receive achievement awards, archers must have a USA Archery membership. You may still participate without a USA Archery membership, but will not receive awards.

Junior Olympic Archery Development

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JOAD: 8-20
AAP: 21-there is no limit!

We encourage archers to bring their own bow. However, we have several club bows that you are welcome to use. We prefer students not to rush into a bow purchase until they are sure on which direction they would like to go with archery. 

All JOAD / AAP students must attend at least four private or small group lessons, or demonstrate proficiency, prior to joining JOAD. Parents are welcome to contact us to discuss this prior to signing up for the class. Adult archers should be able to demonstrate safety knowledge and archery proficiency.

USA Archery members* are eligible for the Achievement Award Pins, which are presented on a lanyard, colored for indoor or outdoor, and compound, recurve or barebow. Lanyard and award pins costs are covered with your X10 Academy membership.

Non USA Archery members may still compete, but are not eligible for the Achievement Award Pins.

Virtual Tournaments
USA Archery holds virtual tournaments each quarter, which is a fun way for archers to compete without going to a tournament. While we encourage all archers to attend tournaments, we understand that sometimes this is not possible. 

We will let archers know if they are eligible for the mail-in tournament. The fee is $11 per archer, per category, which can be paid online.

Adult Archery Program

X10 Academy Director
Jennifer Schneider, Level 3 NTS Coach

Indoor Location
X10 Archery

Outdoor Location
Buffalo Field Archery Club