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HOT 'n' Cold Series 
"Houston Outdoor Target,
in the Cold"!
The 2015/2016 season shoots will be held on Sundays.

October 4th, November 8th, December 20th, January 10th, February 7th, March 13th, April 3rd

Practice 9:00 am
We'll be done by lunchtime!

Buffalo Field Archery Club
13751 Clay Rd
Houston, TX 77043
Choose two distances of:
10/20m, 20/30m, 30/50m, or 50/70m.
Scores are multiplied by the first number of each distance.

Target faces will be 122cm/80cm.

Bow categories are compound, Olympic recurve, barebow.
Please see the rules for these divisions.

2 rounds of 36
6 ends x 6 arrows
72 arrows total

There are seven tournaments in this season's series. 
Awards will be given after the last event of the series in April 2016. Attend at least three tournaments to be eligible for awards.

You must register in advance.
No registration = No shooting. No Exceptions.

Registration: $15

Registration Closed until October 2016

100% proceeds to 
Buffalo Field Archery Club