Private or group lessons are suitable for any age. It does not matter if you have never held a bow. After a safety briefing, evaluation and warm up exercises, you will start using a bow right away.

When you're ready to book lessons:
  • Check the calendar for an available lesson time
  • Go to the lessons page to pay
    • You can pay for one lesson at a time, or subscribe and pay every four weeks, saving money and guaranteeing your lesson time.
    •  You can pay in person with cash, check or credit card.
  • Email or call with questions #281.795.6556
What do the fees cover?
  • Range fees
    All students are required to sign a liability release.
  • Use of equipment including:
    • Bow
    • Arrows
    • Arm guard
    • Finger tab
    • Paper target faces
    • Exercise stretch bands
  • One hour of coaching
  • The fun and smiles are free!
What to expect in a beginner lesson:
  • Introduction to archery
  • Range safety
  • Basic shot cycle
  • First shot
  • Blank bale practice
  • Exercises
    • Stance and posture
    • Bow hand
    • Hooking the string
    • Elbow rotation
    • Anchor
    • Release
  • Basic equipment knowledge
What to expect in intermediate and small group lessons:
  • Target face practice
  • Scoring rounds for tournament practice
  • Exercises
    • Anchor
    • Release
    • NTS Steps in detail
  • Deeper analysis of each element of the shot cycle with video
  • Advice on new equipment 
  • Setting up and tuning of new equipment (private lessons only)
  • Training plan advice (private lessons only)

The Shot Cycle - NTS Steps
The NTS (National Training System) steps as defined by Kisik Lee, the National Head Coach of the US Olympic Archery Training Program.
  1. Stance
  2. Nock the arrow
  3. Hook and grip (string and bow grip)
  4. Set position and mindset
  5. Setup
  6. Draw
  7. Load
  8. Anchor
  9. Transfer
  10. Hold
  11. Aim / Expand
  12. Release and follow through
  13. Feedback and evaluation
Watch Park Sung-Hyun, the former number one archer in the world, win her gold medal at the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Do you know who taught Jennifer Lawrence, or as we know her, Katniss Everdeen, to shoot a bow and arrow? It was the talented Olympian, Khatuna Lorig. Watch below.