Reaching Your Potential Through Archery
Honing competitive skills through coaching, and refining coaching skills 
through certification and ongoing training.
Archery for all. No exceptions.
What Are My Lesson Options?

Private Lessons
Included in your private lesson is everything you will need, 
including (if you don't have your own equipment): bow, arrows, arm guard, finger tab, paper target faces, exercise stretch bands, 45 mins of coaching and 15 mins practice. The fun and smiles are free! Private lessons are suitable for ages 8 and up. 

Subscribe to a private lesson plan to secure the same date and time each week.

Group Lessons
A group lesson subscription secures your place in our Saturday morning outdoor group class for intermediate and advanced archers. Your place will be secured until subscription is cancelled. Attendance will be every week. No make up classes available. Please bring your own equipment. 

Subscribe to a group lesson plan to secure the same date and time each week.

    If your child is younger than 8 years old, please call 281.888.5900 to discuss options

    X10 Membership is not required for lessons.
    X10 Membership and USA Archery Membership is required for JOAD / AAP and VIP range access.
    What to expect as a beginner
    New archers can book private or group lessons with an X10 Archery instructor or coach to gain a good foundation on safety and the basics of archery form. Beginner archers must attend at least four lessons before being eligible for JOAD / AAP.
    • Introduction to archery
    • Range safety
    • Basic shot cycle
    • First shot
    • Blank bale practice
    • Exercises on stance and posture, Bow hand, Hooking the string, Elbow rotation, Anchor, Release
    • Basic equipment knowledge

    What to expect as a developing archer
    Archers who have graduated the beginner's classes can either continue in their private lessons, or start the group classes for their discipline. 

    • Target face practice 
    • Scoring rounds for tournament practice 
    • Exercises 
    • NTS Steps in detail 
    • Deeper analysis of each element of the shot cycle with video 
    • Advice on new equipment 
    • Setting up and tuning of new equipment (private lessons only) 
    • Training plan advice (private lessons only)
    • Mind training with Coach Lynda

    *Private lessons and small group subscribers - please give notice if you are unable to attend a scheduled lesson. It is understood that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances, but your thoughtfulness is appreciated. Notice not given for no-shows or cancelled lessons before day of lesson result in forfeit of paid fees.

    **Absolutely no video recording of lessons without written permission. 

    JOAD / AAP*
    Saturday: 10:00 am
    Thursday: 6:00 pm
    *Check events page

    For non-subscription lessons, you can purchase a block of lessons here, and receive the block discount. These lessons are to be used within a 2-month time-frame. Contact your coach for scheduling. One off payments do not go on the calendar as a recurring lesson.  
    !! Remember to contact your coach to schedule your block of lessons !!

    Please note that discounted lessons are not refundable. Missed lessons, with advanced notice, can be rescheduled or credited to your account. Thank you for understanding.